Late Night Thoughts

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.
Vincent Van Gogh

I ALWAYS TEND to get inspiration to write at the weirdest moments. Take now for instance, at 12:00 midnight, wrapped in a blanket burrito while listening to Mumford & Sons for what seems to be the hundredth time this week*, I suddenly feel a ping of inspiration strike.

"Why does it have to be now?" would be my usual thoughts on these kinds of occurrences, but I've decided that I'd be taking advantage of it. There have been many times where I had sat in front of my laptop, fingers poised over the keyboard, only to have my mind as empty as a white blank page.

I do admit it, I'm a frustrated writer. Wait scratch that, I hardly even consider myself a writer. My "writing style" or whatever you call it always tends to be repetitive, ending up as incessant rambles as I oh so desperately try to express my trivial thoughts and opinions.

Random spurts of inspiration at the wrong moments aren't my only problems as a frustrated writer. Another one of those dilemmas are the lack of topics to write about. This wouldn't be a problem if my life was as event-filled and exciting as others in the blogosphere. Sadly, it is not. I am fully aware of the fact that my life is extremely uneventful, my social activity bordering on nonexistent.

As for the quote above, I've recently seen it on my Tumblr dashboard. It caught my attention, not only because it was uttered by one of my all time favourite artists, but also because it seemed quite fit for situation, seeing that it is nighttime after all.

 Though Van Gogh might have been referring to the colours of the night literally, I interpreted it differently. I tend to do this often, looking for the deeper meanings of even the shallowest of quotes. For me, the quote talks about the beauty of the night, how unappreciated it is compared to daytime. It's at night where you ponder about the little things in life, which when you look back later on life, are the big things after all. It's at night when you think of all these thoughts and ideas you wouldn't even dare think of during broad daylight. It's at night where you can truly be yourself, free from all the judging stares. Well at least, for me.

So these are my late night thoughts. I do hope you understand them amidst their disorganization and all that jazz.

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*you can never get tired of Marcus Mumford's beautiful voice and those amazing banjo riffs

kudos to you if you get those mumford & sons and chicago (the musical) references

also, this blog post is highly unedited, thus this post may or may not contain various grammatical errors and the likes


    Everything you write is literally what I feel.
    And your blog is absolutely adorable (very nicely coordinated, the colours are perfect).
    AHHHH thank goodness for bloggers like you out in the blogosphere!

    1. Thank you so much, to say that I am flattered by your comment would be an understatement. (◡‿◡✿)

  2. That Van Gogh quote is so beautiful and poetic. I'm glad you shared it

    1. I agree with you on that one. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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